What Does The Bible Have to Say?

Many people have, during their lifetimes, suffered from extreme injustices and the cry for retribution and justice is on many lips.

The Bible speaks about a time coming when these cries for justice will be met.

For those who are unaware or unfamiliar with Bible prophecies, perfect justice will be metered out by a returning King called Jesus Christ.

After having suffering from complete injustice at his first coming to this earth 2,000 years ago, he will once again return. But this time, his Second Coming will be in power and great glory as he comes to make war on all the injustice that has taken place throughout history and on all those who live on the earth. 

He will no longer be seen as the meek and mild suffering servant and babe in a manger, but as a warrior King who God has ordained to judge the whole earth and everyone who has ever lived.

What a day that will be.

Many believe that with all the unprecedented signs now taking place across the planet, the time of Jesus arrival is drawing much closer than most people think.

In the following two videos, John MacArthur preaches on ‘THE FINAL JUSTICE” as Jesus Christ returns the earth to rule and reign with all his believers.

At Last, justice will be metered out in full measure.



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